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I Know What You Did Last Summer
Allison Rose |  Sep 27, 2022
While not as good as his first film, Williamson still manages to avoid the “sophomore slump” with this second offering and a solid script/story. | Full Review...
Hudson Hawk
Allison Rose |  Sep 27, 2022
Despite having had a decent cast, the script for Hudson Hawk left much of their talents untapped. | Full Review...
In Bruges
Allison Rose |  Sep 26, 2022
In Bruges is one of those “hidden gems” you don’t necessarily hear much about but, once you’ve seen it, you can’t forget it. | Full Review...
The Lost Boys
Allison Rose |  Sep 19, 2022
As horror/vampire movies go, The Lost Boys is on the tamer side but no less impactful. | Full Review...
Real Genius
Allison Rose |  Sep 13, 2022
Let’s face it, how can you go wrong with “Smart people on ice!” ? | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Aug 25, 2022
With a good script, a strong cast and terrific music, Vivo hits all the right notes. | Full Review...
Dirty Dancing 35th Anniversary Edition
Allison Rose |  Aug 24, 2022
Although made on a shoestring budget, Dirty Dancing managed to employ a group of talented actors and dancers elevating it a level above a simple coming of age romance story. | Full Review...
The Black Phone
Allison Rose |  Aug 22, 2022
In theory, the concept of The Black Phone is unique and interesting. | Full Review...
Allison Rose |  Aug 01, 2022
Flatliners script written by Peter Filardi (The Craft), could have fallen apart in less capable hands but Schumacher handles the source material beautifully creating an intriguing visual to a fascinating concept. | Full Review...
Downton Abbey: A New Era
Maureen Buccellato |  Jul 05, 2022
"Downton Abbey: A New Era" has new beginnings and sad endings, as well as steady continuations of the family dynasty. It's an absolute must-watch for any fan of the franchise. | Full Review...

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