Artik (2019)

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Released:  Friday, August 30, 2019  
Length:  78 minutes
Studio: Epic Pictures
Genre: Horror
Rating: Artik is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America


In this dark, stylish thriller set in a hellish vision of our world where the air crackles with impending death, a comic book obsessed serial killer clashes with a straight edge purist over a young boy’s fate. Riveting in a gut-twisting way and holding unnerving, devastating nihilistic power, ARTIK shares a harrowingly bleak vision that will haunt you and make your flesh slick with fear. Starring horror favorites Chase Williamson (from Popcorn Frights’ Beyond the Gates and Sequence Break), Jerry G. Angelo (Fright Night), Matt Mercer (from Popcorn Frights 2019 film Bliss), and Lauren Ashley Carter (from Popcorn Frights 2016 film The Mind’s Eye).

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Artik images are © Epic Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


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